About Natalia Oreiro

After a recent poll in 2009,Natalia Oreiro is the most famous Argentine actress,singer and businesswoman.She is born on the 19th of May,1977 in Montevideo,Uruguay and became worldwide-famous in 1999 with the Argentine soap-opera Muneca Brava(Wild Angel),along her filming partner Facundo Arana,soap-opera which launched her musical career also.
But till her success,she had a lot to struggle for that participating in different commercials such as Coca-Cola,Pepsi,Johnson&Johnson,studying acting since childhood and winning a casting for acting talented kids which made her possible to be part of the famous Xuxa’s children choir.
This is how she grew inside the desire to be famous,getting her at the early 17 years old to Argentina where she had to do a lot,not exactly pleasant,to gain money till luck overcame her and she was distributed in her first soap-operas like Inconquistable Corazon,Dulce Ana and as a secondary leading female in 90-60-90 Modelos,the first real leading female act being given to her along Diego Ramos only in 1997 in Ricos Y Famosos and after in the movie Un Argentino En Nueva York,beside Guillermo Francella,the actor who was her father in the movie.
After her musical debut in 1999 with the album Natalia Oreiro,which has a theme from the above memtioned movie too,it followed Tu Veneno,the second which opened her a lot of live performing opportunities in Europe(like Romania and Hungary),North,Central and South America and Israel,in the meantime having a huge,powerful international fanclub too with many centers in different countries,then prizes and distinctions flowing to her since the beginning of succeeding with Muneca Brava(Wild Angel) and her first related album,naming from those only the most significant Martin Fierro from 2000,as best actress.
After the launch of her 3rd music album in 2002,Turmalina,in parallel with her soap movie,Kachorra,along Pablo Rago,Natalia’s musical career had a very sorrowful descending path with an unfinished and never launched somehow planned new album till today.
But in exchange were following many movies like Cleopatra and La Guerra De Los Gymnasios(2003),La Peli and Las Vidas Posibles(2007),No Necesitamos A Nadie and Musica En Espera(2009),mini serial movies like El Deseo(2004),Al Ritmo De Tango(mini serial filmed in Russia in 2007 which she had to learn Russian too),Amanda O(net serial from 2008),and plus an episode appearance in a detectives miniseries,Botines in 2003,a huge soap in 2006 for the second time along Facundo Arana named Sos Mi Vida,and an episode appearance in an another one Patito Feo in 2007,following these she continuing to have a lot of nominations for awards such as the won 2007 Martin Fierro for being the best actress again,this time for Sos Mi Vida,and not to be forgotten also in 2007 her old dream realization to open her own fashion house along her sister,Adriana and naming it suggestively Las Oreiro,like a dedication to them,fashion house that already managed to self-design and launch many wardrobe collections,Natalia also being many times model too,besides designer.
Starting March,2008 she accepted to be a TV show presenter too for Recurso Natural on Canal 7 Argentina,meanwhile participating in different commercials,humanitary and artistic campaigns such as for example Un Sol Para Los Chicos,a humanitary campaign started the same year.
And what concerns her 2001 New Year’s Eve started marriage with Ricardo Mollo,a much older Argentine rock musician of Divididos with whom she chose to tatue ring to her finger,we know about some crisis which started somehow in 2007 as a consequence of a very good friendship with Facundo Arana and continuing in 2009 with the case about Luciano Castro,her Amanda O,internet and mobile mini series partner,but they resolved fine for the moment and there is no problem anymore.
Long career time and happy marriage,Natalia!!


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